Seattle Royal Aeronautical Society

Lecture - Ed Shadle, World Land Speed Record Attempt

Location:   Museum of Flight, 9404 East Marginal Way South, Seattle, Washington 98108-4097, Tel.: 206-764-5700

Date:  18 Sep, 2007

Time:  6:00PM

The current World Land Speed Record is held by the British and stands at 763 mph, Mach 1.2. Our speaker, Ed Shadle, accomplished and experienced race veteran and co-owner Keith Zanghi, reckon itís time to bring that record back to the USA and intend to drive the North American Eagle over 800 mph to do just that. Edís legendary speed accomplishments provide convincing credibility that he and their talented team have the experience and technical capabilities to accomplish this extraordinary feat. A supersonic land vehicle poses incredible technical, logistic, safety, and financial challenges. This lecture will doubtless prove to be fascinating.

The vehicle in its earlier Lockheed F104 Starfighter days had already participated in famous assignments such as being the chase plane for the X-15. Now as a land based vehicle of some 42,500 hp, new fame seems likely in her future.

The project has generated impressive technology improvements and innovations in everything from brakes to wheels and even high speed parachutes for fighter spin recovery.

The lecture is free and open to all.